It’s a man’s world. Or is it?

Great post, though I have so many questions. E.g Jaden 😀


As long as I got my suit and tie on, the world is my oyster!

Literally, I do conquer the universe. Better believe it you guys! There has been so much talk about Girl Power. Even stones talk about Girl Power. If you have formal education, or not, it doesn’t really mfouratter, you might be aware that women empowerment has been quite the talk in the new millennium. Thithrees
interest has been triggered by competing debates about how lives of women have been shaped by patriarchal structures in a male-dominated spheres of life. Now that the jargon is out of theway, let’s talk blog. SheLovesHim is all about my choice of fashion. My favofiverite fashion: men’s wear. Blogging has always been something I thought I should do. Why? I feel that ladies should be aware that it’s okay to wear the pants. And ties too. Better thonean men actually!

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Sadia Ibrahim

Conversations are so important. It’s how you gage whether the human being you’re interacting with is at your wave length or not. Intellectual compatibility. And there’s nothing wrong with not being at the same wave length. We all have different backgrounds, life experiences and age plays a role too.

One of my best friends, Ritesh, and I had an amazing conversation recently and he said something to me that sat with me for the rest of the evening and now as I write this.

“Energy never dies”.

We learnt this in school, in physics. That energy never dies. You can create energy, any kind of energy and it never dies. I didn’t realize how phenomenal those 3 words were until Ritesh said it.

It’s been a year or more since my thoughts, beliefs and rules have shifted. I “feel” a lot. I don’t judge people, but if I don’t like…

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City of Zombies

Heart breaking article here. 😦 Have a read.

Great read.

Silent Voice

Or as I prefer to call it, “Toxicity”, is the home to 60,000 young kids we see roaming the streets of Nairobi. In their dirty and over-sized tatters of clothes, they stroll around, eyes half-mast with bottles of a yellow substance strapped to their mouths. Those dazed and vacant gazes that occupy their otherwise sad faces are the epitome of absolute lifelessness.

More often than not we dodge them on the streets and down alleys whenever they corner us for small change in those agonizing tones “Auntie, Uncle, si unisaidie na ten?”. Sadly the response is always this same trained line, quick and precise “sina leo”, somewhat eager to get rid of them and not be associated with them. And off we go on our merry way, without as much as a thought about how these kids ever got here.


I have had the opportunity to interact with some of…

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Mixing business with pleasure

Suspense Article Right Here. Part 2 Should Be Interesting.


After years of frustration searching for a job, Sheila was tired! She was tired of the humiliating tasks she had to endure as an intern. From shitty job to shitty job she moved always thinking,hey,this is it! But ‘This is it‘ remained the title MJs last concert and was never her breakthrough into the corporate world.Instead, she was passed over on promotions for external recruits despite the long hours she put in. And yet, she kept trying until she was simply fed up! The remunerations were never sufficient and all the accounts she had crammed into her head in college was simply wasting away in her cerebrum.(*coughs* someone paid attention in Biology;) )
Her friends,thanks to their parents connections,had managed to secure themselves positions in prestigious establishments. With the hefty payslips they received every month it was obvious that they were doing well and this added to her…

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Hello Ni mimi Baada ya miaka na mikaka, je twaweza kukutana Turejelee yote. Wanasema muda unaponya, mbona bado ninaumwa? Hello Waniskia? Niko Pwani nikiota juu ya vile tulikuwa Kama vijana, tulipokuwa huru Nimesahau ilivyohisi kabla dunia ianguke Tofauti baina yetu Na maili milioni

Hello ‘toka kwa mataa Mara elfu kakupigia Kuomba msamaha kwa niliyotenda Lakini mteja hapatikani Hello ‘toka kwa mataa Naweza sema nimejaribu Mpenzi nisamehe kwa kuvunja moyo Lakini ni kama haikujalishi Kamwe.

Dela, HelloHello Waambaje? Ni kawaida yangu kujizungumzia,oh Niwie radhi Natumahi utaniwia radhi Je, uliweza hama toka ule mji uliokuboesha Sio siri Kuwa mi na we Tunapitwa na masaa

Hello ‘toka kwa mataa Mara elfu kakupigia Kuomba msamaha kwa niliyotenda Lakini mteja hapatikani Hello ‘toka kwa mataa Naweza sema nimejaribu Mpenzi nisamehe kwa kuvunja moyo Lakini ni kama haikujalishi Kamwe ooh Kamwe… ooh Kamwe… ooh Kamwe, kamwe

Hello ‘toka kwa mataa Mara elfu kakupigia Kuomba msamaha kwa niliyotenda Lakini mteja hapatikani Hello ‘toka kwa mataa Naweza sema nimejaribu Mpenzi nisamehe kwa kuvunja moyo Lakini ni kama haikujalishi Kamwe.


The guy she likes

Have a Read Of An Article Full Of Suspense.


She hangs up the phone after quite a brief and hush hush conversation.
From the smile on her face you can tell she’s received some good news, or that phone call is from the guy she likes.
I choose to go for the latter and get the others to prod for details.
Eventually she breaks and admits, twas HE who called, the guy she likes.
She looks smitten.
She can’t stop smiling and even as we keep poking and prodding for more information, she drifts off into a world of her own.
This guy she likes, what has he done to her?
Why is she like this?
Will I look the same when I’m smitten?
I’ve side-tracked from the main agenda…we are talking about her and this guy she likes.
Does he like her as much as she likes him?
From the little and I mean very little information we’ve…

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Have you listened to Alaine’s version of ‘Hello’? Reggae sounds so fine in that cover, I’ve listened to it quite a number of times. We all know Adele is a favourite when it comes to deep lyricism and and message packed songs, and how she makes you remember your past people. Yes, those people. Anyhow, comparing these two versions, bearing in mind covers often sound better than the original, Alaine did a better job.

adele-helloMaybe because there’s a couple of beats, maybe drums, piano and and a few other instruments, unlike Adele’s which sounds like a story and taking us through a journey of that phase of her love-life.

Both songs are actually nice, depending on your mood haha. For me, Alaine did better justice to it.

Whom, do you think did a better job?